RAGT Seeds

Cougar Advertising Campaign

When RAGT Seeds needed to advertise 'Cougar' their new winter wheat seed variety they talked to Novus. Advertising objectives included; creating a product awareness, promoting compelling reasons to purchase, provide a strong and eye catching image using bold, bright colours, use minimal text which is relevant, easy to understand and informative. The advert to provide a link to the RAGT brand.


The final solution by Novus covered all the necessary advertising objectives. An analysis of the advertising campaign by national magazine 'Farmers Weekly' provided statistics which speak for themselves:

    Cougar Average
1. Overall Recall 92%* 62%
2. Ad Readership 42% 29%
3. Image/graphic 85% 65%
4. Brand name 25% 23%
5. Product/Service 23% 14%

* The Ad Recall measure is the sum of respondents who remembered that they had either 'read thoroughly', 'read partially', or 'glanced at' the advert
+ The ad Readership measure is those who either 'read thoroughly', or 'read partially' the advert.

Reader comments:

  • Very eye-catching strong image, with simple well laid out attractive informative text
  • Good eye-catching picture
  • A bold and eye-catching layout
  • The attention sign stands out
  • Colourful, memorable
  • Easy to read and noticeable
  • It caught my eye with the unusual sign

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